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The Jacob's Well store cupboard is open most days (closed Wednesday), if we have it and you are in need then please come along and help yourself.  None of this would be possible without the unending and diligent work of our staff and volunteers.  We don't ask who you are or where you come from, there is no referral system and no registry of recipients.

Our Store Cupboard is more than just food, we try to keep a store of other products to hand, if you're in need of something, please just ask a member of staff - we're here to help.

jacobs well care centre store cupboard Read some of the stories from the Store Cupboard - The Smiley Campaign!

jacobs well Who uses our Store Cupboard? 
Everyone and anyone who is in need, no matter who you are, or what your circumstances are - you are welcome. 

jacobs well Do you have to register?

Due to high demand we now operate a 'two visits a week' policy.  We do not keep a register of names and addresses, however all Store Cupboard users are issued with a 'card'.  When visiting the Store Cupboard your 'card' will be initialed by a member of staff, this way we can ensure a fair distribution of products.

jacobs well What kind of food do we have? 
It varies from day to day but we always try to have some basics, for example:

  • jacobs
                        well store cupboard Bread

  • jacobs
                        well store cupboard Potatoes

  • jacobs well store
                        cupboard Vegetables

  • jacobs
                        well store cupboard Fruit

  • jacobs
                      well store cupboard Pasties & Pies

  • jacobs
                      well store cupboard Herbs

  • jacobs
                      well store cupboard Fresh Deli Counter Products

  • jacobs
                      well store cupboard Meat and Fish

  • jacobs
                      well store cupboard Eggs and Dairy Products

jacobs well What about special occasions? 
There may be times when it seems that the whole world is celebrating and no one invited you to the party, we understand that.  Last Christmas we gave away over 100 Turkeys to deserving families in Gosport, allowing them to celebrate the festive season with one less worry - to be able to join in despite their circumstances.

jacobs well Who does what in the Store Cupboard?
The Store Cupboard is managed by Cherish-Star Pottinger, many volunteers work along side Cherish putting in long hours from early in the morning to long after the close of business.  Take a look at just how much work goes into ensuring products are available on an almost daily basis:

  • Early morning volunteers arrive at our warehouse and collect our food van.
  • Volunteers collect food and products from local supermarkets (click here so see some of our corporate sponsors)
  • Volunteers clean and prepare the Store Cupboard in readiness for food and products.
  • Volunteers check all products for spoilage, sort and display products.
  • Cherish announces 'FOOD READY!' on our jacobs well
                  facebookFacebook page.
  • Doors are open to the public, volunteers are on hand to ensure safety of those using the Store Cupboard and fairness.
  • End of the session volunteers sort products, check for spoilage and dates, clean tables, sweep the floor - then finally they get to go home!
  • After close of business a member of staff visits local bakeries and collects pastries and baked goods for the next day - they are not paid or reimbursed for their time in doing this.

Without our volunteers there would be NO store cupboard!  If you want to get involved and volunteer - click here.

jacobs well Do we accept donations? 
Yes!  Un-opened packets and tins (in date), vegetables, fruits, just about anything that's in date and un-opened - if you're a whizz in the kitchen then bring along some cakes, a home baked cup cake puts a smile on anyone's face!  For more information on how to get involved or to donate click here, or simply drop in for a chat.

jacobs well Where does the food come from? 
There are now many organisations collecting, collating and distributing food.  Organisations such as Food Cloud work tirelessly on behalf of many communities.  But don't forget the big supermarkets, they too are doing their bit to help alleviate hunger - they no longer throw out their surplus products, they contact organisations such as ourselves, tell us they have surplus, our volunteers then collect it - that's how we are able to offer such a great variety of foods and products to those in need.

jacobs well Is this unique to the UK? 
Sadly no.  The world is at war with hunger, there are however some great agencies and NGO's addressing the issue, and it may seem a rather incongruous statement, but, HUNGER IS NOW BIG BUSINESS, and it's a business that we would all like to see shut down.  The Global Food Banking Network links many organisations and volunteers, only a brief look at their website shows just how much work they do, and is still to be done to stamp out hunger.

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